Ceiling Acoustic Panel

November 25, 2021
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Annoying noise can have a profound impact on concentration and work efficiency, making it difficult for us to concentrate or communicate effectively in life or work.

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An effective way to significantly suppress noise and reduce reverberation is to add sound-absorbing panels in the office or home. Acousound provides a variety of acoustic panels for all spaces to choose from, from ceilings and wall panels to room dividers and desktop dividers. In this article, we highlight the Acoustic Ceiling.

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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

All our acoustic products (including the above ceiling) are made of PET plastic bottles. The bottle flakes are made of 100% polyester fiber. After production and processing, they form a soft and durable material with unique acoustic properties. This material is made of at least 60% post-consumer recycled materials, meets the requirements of sustainable development. It also does not contain VOCs and other chemical materials, so you will not smell strange smells in the room. While providing sound control for noisy spaces, these flame-retardant acoustic ceilings are very lightweight, moisture-proof and environmentally friendly.

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Our acoustic ceiling tiles are perfect for residential and commercial spaces, allowing you to easily and economically achieve 0.85 NRC in any space. These tiles are available in two general sizes, 60*60cm and 60*120cm, and are suitable for installation in standard ceiling grids. There are a variety of colors to choose from, personalized customization service ensure you can match them arbitrarily to suit your decoration needs. These effective soundproof ceilings provide a sound absorption effect while adding a better decorative effect to the space. In addition, the fabric will not fade when used indoors, so you don't need to worry about fading after long-term use.

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If you have any question or you want that our acousticians make you a customized proposal, please contact-us!.Tell us what kind of place this is, size / height and we will make an appropriate proposal for the supply of acoustic panels.

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