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Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Partition

With the revolutionary textile panel system ACOUSTIC ROOM PARTITION, interior spaces can be designed in a way that is practical, adaptable, and efficient like never before.

This system's design is based on a thin panel that is two-sided and has many potential uses. The panels can remain suspended from the ceiling as usual, or they can be arranged on tables, sideboards, or even the ground. This painstakingly crafted system comes with panel connecting components and is offered in five standard sizes. Each solution keeps some of its expressive power while blending in an elegant way with the surrounding area. Together with the enhanced acoustic qualities, it also exudes peace and tranquility.

acoustic folding partition walls

Specification of Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Partition

Material100% polyester
Dimension1800*600mm, 1800*1800mm ( 3 pieces connected)
1800*1200 ( 2 pieces connected )

Other sizes can be customized
Color40 colors provided
Acoustic properties0.5-0.8
Flammability classASTM E84 CLASS A, EN 13501 CLASS B
EnvirnomentalOEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD

Advantage of Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Partition

Easy and Cost-efficient

Sight and sound dampening panels are designed to divide larger areas into quieter, more functional spaces, providing an easy and cost-efficient way to minimize distractions in today's open office environment.

Easy and Cost-efficient

Eco-Friendly Office Partitions

These environmentally friendly office partitions are made from recycled PET plastic that has been processed after consumption. They come in two sizes: a 24" wide by 66" tall standalone unit and a 3-pack that can be expanded with additional panels that zip together to create unique workspace configurations in a range of forms and designs.   Acoustic room dividers come in five colors that can be combined to match any office decor, and they assemble quickly and without the need for tools.   The best part is that Offex's room dividers can absorb up to 85% of background noise, which makes them indispensable for the open work spaces and contemporary classrooms of today.

Eco-Friendly Office Partitions

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