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Printing Acoustic Panels

You can hang these printed acoustic panels as clouds or baffles, or mount them on the wall or ceiling. To meet your needs for performance and design, we offer a range of core materials. Your only limitations are your imagination when it comes to creating an acoustic and artistic masterpiece with our Printed Acoustic Panels.

Our printed acoustic panels are not only aesthetically pleasing, but because the majority of them are Class A Acoustic Absorbers, they also provide outstanding acoustic performance. They improve comfort and wellbeing for you, your staff, and your guests by lowering echo and reverberation.

acoustic printed ceiling panels

Specification of Printing Acoustic Panels

Material100% polyester
Dimension2400*1200mm, 1200*1800mm, 1200*600mm
other sizes can be customized
Color40 colors provided
Acoustic properties0.3-0.6
Flammability classASTM E84 CLASS A, EN 13501 CLASS B
EnvirnomentalOEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD

Advantage of Printing Acoustic Panels

Printed Acoustic Panels

Printed Acoustic Panels are by far the best way to combine your sound control solutions with pieces of art, graphics and branding.  We offer the very highest quality custom printed wall solutions available anywhere.

Printed Acoustic Panels

The Very Latest Printing Techniques

We have developed the most successful methods of printing onto acoustic panels, whilst also retaining the highest acoustical performance.  Using the very latest printing techniques, we can create framed or frameless acoustic panel artwork to virtually any size.

The Very Latest Printing Techniques

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