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Natural Oak Acoustic Slat Wall Panels

With our gorgeous Light Oak Acoustic Wall Panel, you can completely revamp your living area. This gorgeous ornamental piece, which combines superb sound absorption with sophisticated design, is a need for stylish do-it-yourselfers.

Rich, light oak, three-sided wood veneer slats effortlessly improve any space with their captivating visual pattern. This panel offers excellent sound absorption and durability thanks to its superior MDF construction and black felt backing. Make a statement in your house with our Oak Acoustic Wall Panel, which offers the ideal balance of style and utility.

oak acoustic wood wall panels

Specification of Natural Oak Acoustic Slat Wall Panels

Material100% polyester
Customizationwidth customization available
Color40 colors provided
Acoustic properties0.3-0.7
Flammability classASTM E84 CLASS A, EN 13501 CLASS B
EnvirnomentalOEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD

Advantage of Natural Oak Acoustic Slat Wall Panels

Acoustic Slats And Wooden Wall Panels

Acoustic slats and wooden wall panels are quick decor solutions to update rooms without a hefty price tag. Its with felt and wood veneer finish will enhance your space with an authentic natural finish and a cosy acoustic interior.

Acoustic Slats And Wooden Wall Panels

Convenience In Mind

Each panel is packaged separately in a box. Installing Slats Acupanels is simple and can be done with velcro tape or tube adhesive. Using black-headed screws, you can attach the panels to any surface and hide any flaws in the walls. constructed with a robustly felt backboard and genuine MDF veneered finish. Panels are 100% recyclable, reusable, lightweight, strong, and resistant to scratches. The natural product slats acoustic 3D wall panel is created from wood and recycled materials; this is how sustainable it is! The environmentally friendly acoustic wall paneling reduces reverberation in the space by offering superior sound insulation from outside noise.

This product is easy to remove and replace as needed because it was made with the convenience of the user in mind.

Convenience In Mind

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