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Felt Acoustic Panels

Sound-absorbing wall and ceiling panels made of recycled polyester called Acoustic Felts come in full wall applications, shape clusters, and individual shapes. Our Acoustic Felts can reduce the reverb time (RT60), improve speech intelligibility, and enhance the aesthetics of any area.

Unlike our conventional PET Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Felt Panels are made of compressed polyester that has been dyed to the desired color rather than being wrapped in an acoustically transparent fabric. Acoustic felts are available in 3/8", 1/2", and 1" thicknesses. They can be hung as ceiling clouds or baffles, or they can be wall mounted.

acoustic panels felt

Specification of Felt Acoustic Panels

Material100% polyester
other sizes can be customized
Color40 colors provided
Acoustic properties0.3-0.7
Flammability classASTM E84 CLASS A, EN 13501 CLASS B
EnvirnomentalOEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD

Advantage of Felt Acoustic Panels

What is PET Felt?

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this firm yet soft material is an extremely sustainable choice. Its longevity and ease of maintenance are two more significant benefits. Furthermore recyclable and reusable is the PET felt fabric.

What is PET Felt?

Great acoustic properties

These panels have an outstanding acoustic performance. They are great to apply on walls or ceilings so that they could absorb and dampen sound, and create a desirable acoustic environment.

Great acoustic properties

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