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Company Profile

Acousound is a manufacturer of PET Acoustic panels. We specialize in Acoustic Treatment, Soundproofing, and sound absorption. Since its establishment, we have maintained the highest standards of quality control and assurance adhering to Standard Operating Procedures. Hence, helping us provide designs that are consistent with the culture and values of our clients.

A group of visionary enthusiastic spirits tied the knot to give the world its total acoustic wall and ceiling solutions.

Acousound is 100% Made in China. We are committed to delivering the best acoustic wall slats and ceiling products across the globe with unconventional solutions to create a brighter tomorrow while bringing comfort to all by revolutionizing product designs.

We are keen to encourage people’s ownership, empowerment, and working under a team structure to attain the highest level of efficiency, integrity, and honesty.

Our modest marketing and sales staff provide optimum customer satisfaction by lending their valuable hands to guide customers choose what is best for them.

Acousound acoustic products manufacturer

Acousound History

  • It was established in August 2018; 

  • In the same year, the Ministry of foreign trade, design department and R & D department were established, and a professional customer service team was established;

  • By the end of 2019, the company's sales exceeded 6 million US dollars;

  • Introduce the second production line in 2020

Acousound Service

With excellent service team and advanced technology platform, we provide customers with humanized, professional and modern high-quality services; we are committed to the production, research and development of green building materials and the application of technical innovation, and the authoritative product testing report will create a green and environmental sound environment for you. The company continuously integrates excellent resources in the architectural decoration and acoustic industry, aiming at different customer groups Provide diversified cooperation opportunities and realize win-win value.

About Acousound Acoustic Panels

Acousound Team

Design and development team: our design and development team is a team that stresses science and emphasizes professional and technical ability. It can meet all kinds of needs of customers in an all-round way. It takes the technology research and development team as the core, and takes patents as the leading enterprise development road.

Production team: build custom acoustical products and construction service system with heart, build a mature and complete team by ourselves, and allocate constructors, quality inspectors, budgeters, material personnel, equipment personnel, safety officers and personnel of special types of work according to the project requirements. Professional focus, wholehearted investment, each product produced has the corresponding authoritative test report.

Marketing team: a marketing team with passion, creativity, integrity and ability, fighting at the forefront to achieve the company's business objectives. We are committed to positioning and promoting products accurately through creative thinking, and create greater value for enterprises with the least investment.

Customer service team: we have a customer service platform covering the whole world. We always adhere to the service concept of "honesty oriented, customer first", and strive to create human, professional and modern professional services for customers.

No.21 Chengji Rd, Huqiu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, 215051