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PET Acoustic Desk Screen

PET acoustic desk screens are a great way to give staff members more privacy and acoustic comfort while still allowing them enough leeway to freely discuss ideas with other team members.

One example of this goal is the PET felt used to make acoustic desk screens. Because it is composed of recycled materials and is recyclable, the product promotes resource efficiency and waste minimization. It is a component of the circular economy. While PET felt on desk screens mimics the feel of natural wool.

soundproof desk divider

Specification of PET Acoustic Desk Screen

Material100% polyester
Dimension1200*300mm, 1600*400mm,  1800*600mm
other sizes can be customized
Color40 colors provided
Acoustic properties0.4-0.8
Flammability classASTM E84 CLASS A, EN 13501 CLASS B
EnvirnomentalOEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD

Advantage of PET Acoustic Desk Screen

Sustainable product
  • Available for benches and single desks

  • Sustainable product - partially from post-consumer PET and easily recyclable

  • Lightweight – lower desk load and easy to handle

Sustainable product

Customisation options
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly

  • Customisation options – colours and patterns

  • Certified sound absorption, NRC = 0.6

Customisation options

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