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Custom Acoustic Products

1. Are customizations on standard products possible?

Yes, this is possible at any time for an additional charge. Contact our sales team for a suitable offer.


2. Can other dimensions of the raw panels be ordered?

The standard dimensions of our Acousound@ raw boards are 9x1220x2440mm and 9x1220x2440mm. In principle, special dimensions of our raw material are possible up to a length of 3 meters and even more, but a width of 2. 40 meters is given. The delivery time is around 4 weeks.

acoustic panels

3. Do you also offer Acousound@ special colors?

Yes, special colors are possible from an ordered quantity of 600 pieces. The color mixing is based on the Pantone color system. Please note that we produce the desired color for you and then add 20% white fibers. No guarantee can be given for color fastness due to the fiber structure of the material. The delivery time is around 6-7 weeks, excluding the acceptance process by the customer.

acoustic panels special colors

4. What is a V-cut?

We manufacture our custom acoustical products using three different processes: through-cut, straight-cut, and V-cut. With the through-cut process, we divide our raw boards into individual parts with straight cuts; the straight cut is used to obtain a hinge function thanks to a predefined depth. With the V-cut we can produce a bevel at a predefined angle of 10%,  15°, 22.5°, 3O° or 45°. The cuts can only be made with a minimum depth of 6 millimeters and a maximum depth of 12 millimeters. The V-cuts are always created on both sides of the cutting line: a V-cut 45° / 8 mm therefore creating two grooves with a depth of 45° and 8 millimeters. Different cutting angles in one panel are possible for an extra charge, we do not charge extra for different cutting depths. For more information, please refer to our design guide.

acoustic panels V-cut

5. I would like to have rounded edges. Is that possible?

No, unfortunately, we cannot implement rounded edges. We only work with V-cuts with angles of 10°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°or 45°.

acoustic panels V-cut

6. Can company logos or other patterns also be cut out?

This is possible in most cases. Send us a vectorized PDF with the desired shape in advance for approval.

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